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Very close up shot of wheat crop ears in field

Welcome to CropMonitor

This website provides information sourced from monitoring sites located across the country and reports up to date measurements of crop pest and disease activity in arable crops throughout England. All data gathered are being analysed to identify disease and pest risk, seasonal variation in disease development and the effectiveness of control strategies. Users will be alerted to emerging threats during the growing season and advised on appropriate courses of action.

CropMonitor Smartphone App

Available now for the iPhone, search the appstore for 'Crop Monitor' or see CropMonitor for iPhone.


Barley diseases generally low 28 Mar 2015
Some Rhynchosporium and mildew reported but little of concern.  

Gout Fly 28 Mar 2015
Many wheat crops showing damage, particularly in the South East and West Midlands.  

Light Leaf Spot 28 Mar 2015
Reported as present in all regions.  

Update on CSFB - huge numbers. 26 Mar 2015
We have just completed the Spring assessment of Cabbage Stem Flea beetle. The numbers are extremely high in the East region and generally high everywhere else.  

Autumn pest assessment results posted 13 Feb 2015
The results of our oilseed rape pest assessments have been posted. Results of petiole scarring caused by Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (CSFB) as well as the presence of CSFB larvae and Rape Winter Stem Weevil (RWSW) larvae are included along with a graphical comparison to previous years. Numbers are higher than any previous year for Midlands and the West, North and South East Regions. Numbers for the East are 4 x the previous highest numbers recorded in 2012. Numbers in the South West are slightly lower than the 2012 high.  

Defra oilseed rape survey : autumn disease levels 2014 23 Jan 2015
Levels of light leaf spot were lower in autumn 2014 compared to last year but similar to the long term average. Phoma leaf spot, powdery mildew and alternaria were higher than last year but severity of all diseases was low.  

What's new

28 March 2015: The latest results from the Spring Assessment of pests in oilseed rape are now available. High numbers of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle are a major concern.

27 March 2015: The latest news from the regions, reported by AICC members around the country, is now available.

23 January 2015: Results from the assessments of disease levels in winter oilseed rape in autumn 2014 are now available. Click here for more information.

11 December 2014: Latest results from the Defra Winter Wheat Disease surveys in 2014 are now available showing that Septoria levels in summer 2014 were the highest since the survey began in 1970. Click here for more information.

03 October 2014: Latest results from the Defra Winter Oilseed Rape Disease surveys in 2014 are now available showing that light leaf spot levels in summer 2014 were the highest since the late 1980s. Click here for more information.

16 November 2011: The CropMonitor smartphone app is available for iphone and android handsets. Priced at just £2.99 it provides mobile intelligence for growers, agronomists and researchers while in the office or the field.

Features include:
Wheat disease risk forecasts for your location.
Live updates of current disease levels at trial sites (April-July)
Disease reporting system for user interaction.
Photo gallery of foliar and stem base diseases.

The app has already been the runner-up in the RASE Practice with Science Award for 2012 and the Civil Service Science, Engineering and Technology award 2011. For Apple and Android devices.


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