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Live monitoring

Welcome to CropMonitor

CropMonitor™ is currently being extended and updated to form the core platform for a new national capability in decision support which is a part of the Crop Health and Protection Centre (CHAP). Supported through investment from Innovate UK, the new SMART Decision Support service will deliver risk forecasts for pests and diseases of wheat, barley, oilseed rape and potatoes using a bespoke weather monitoring network, national pest and disease surveillance data and advanced risk models. Services will incorporate novel solutions delivered through collaboration with UKMO and will use the latest diagnostic technologies to assist in delivery of robust guidance to support decisions for sustainable pest and disease management.

This latest update in a series of releases of the new CropMonitor™ service now includes reporting of regional risk predictions for pests and diseases of wheat, oilseed rape and potatoes. Risk forecasting at the local scale will be part of the subscription service to be launched in 2019, but local risk predictions for wheat, oilseed rape and potato pests and diseases at the York site are already live for demonstration purposes. Growth stage models for wheat and oilseed rape and aggregated weather metrics are now also accessible via the York site for the first time. To see the data just click the map.

Weekly pest and disease monitoring for the 2018/19 season will focus on winter oilseed rape and winter barley. Live updates can be viewed by clicking the relevant monitoring location.

What's new

23 October 2018:

Results of national monitoring of diseases in winter oilseed rape in summer 2018 are now available.

23 October 2018:

Results of national monitoring of diseases in winter wheat in summer 2018 are now available.

23 October 2018:

CropMonitor is now in the final stages of Phase 1 of its development into a sophisticated decision support tool for management of pests and diseases of a range of major crops. The completed service will continue to include a free service providing ongoing access to daily updates on pest and disease risks to wheat, oilseed rape and potatoes at the regional level. All current subscribers will receive free email alerts from April onwards. If you would like to subscribe to receive these free alerts, please click here.

23 October 2018:

Weekly monitoring of pests and diseases of oilseed rape and pests of wheat/barley has now commenced across this season's live monitoring network in England and Wales. Click the map and then select the pest/disease of interest to display the regional risks. Selecting the site nearest to you which has a marker indicating a person present will display the monitoring data for that site. Local risk predictions for wheat, oilseed rape and potato pests and diseases, which will form the subscription service, are available for the York site for demonstration purposes.