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Very close up shot of wheat crop ears in field

Welcome to CropMonitor

This website provides information sourced from monitoring sites located across the country and reports up to date measurements of crop pest and disease activity in arable crops throughout England. The project is run by CHaP Ltd and additional data will be incorporated as the season progresses.

Live monitoring 2016

Live monitoring is now active. Keep checking for regular updates.


Latest Defra survey results - Oilseed rape 2016 24 Nov 2016
Results of the Defra funded survey of diseases in winter oilseed rape crops in July 2016 are now available. In 2012 and 2014 light leaf spot reached unprecedented levels of incidence with estimated losses in excess of £140M. In 2016, these levels were exceeded again, with incidence on both the pods and stems being the highest recorded since the survey began in 1987. Incidence of the disease within crops was also high, with an average of 57% of plants affected by pod symptoms nationally and 81% affected by stem symptoms. Risks for the 2016/17 season will be increased as a result.  

Latest Defra survey results - Wheat 2016 24 Nov 2016
Results of the Defra funded survey of diseases in winter wheat crops in July 2016 are now available. Total foliar disease recorded on the top two leaves was lower than last year and is the second lowest recorded since the survey began in 1970. Z. tritici remained the most prevalent and severe foliar pathogen but levels of the flag leaf were the lowest since 2010. Both yellow rust and brown rust were present in crops at GS75, with yellow rust being the most prevalent affecting 7% of crops, the highest incidence since 1998.  

What's new

28 November 2016: The latest news from the regions, reported by AICC members around the country, is now available.

24 November 2016: Our latest reports from the national monitoring of diseases in winter oilseed rape and winter wheat in 2016 are now available.

19 April 2016: Cabbage stem flea beetle incidence 2015/16. Our report on a DEFRA funded project on oilseed rape Cabbage Stem Flee beetle (CSFB) pest incidence and crop protection practice monitoring and data analysis.


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